ICE AND FIRE | Guided Archaeology Walk Pictures

On Sunday 29 October, Adam hosted a guided archaeology walk as part of the DISCOVER MIDDLESBROUGH 2017 FESTIVAL. Here are some of the pictures to enjoy, courtesy of Robert Nichols and Prof Peter Rowley-Conwy (Durham University).

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Robert writes:

The ICE AND FIRE walk this morning was a fascinating guided walk around Eston Hills on Teesside. We were privileged to be in the company of a group of experts assembled by archaeologist Adam Mead to unpick and unlock the history and prehistory.

From Neolithic rock art to WW2 bomb craters there is an incredible amount to see when you have expert guides. We had all kinds of weather which really begged the question just why would people live on the hills? That and questions of how the first farmers of the Neolithic survived economically, where they lived and how succeeding Bronze and Iron Age communities looked to defend themselves were all addressed.

Adam Mead was at pains to point out that they have as yet only scratched the surface of the archaeology from Eston Hills but we need to protect the landscape now or those stories will be lost forever. That means all helping to stop the destruction from illegal off-road vehicles and fires.

The ICE AND FIRE project is making a positive difference looking after the past and giving a future to this precious resource, our Eston Hills.

The Team

The Landscape

Neolithic Cup-and-Ring Rock Art

– ICE AND FIRE Project Team